Qmark Electric Wall Heater

qmark electric wall heater

Qmark Electric Wall Heater Review

Houses nowadays are very small. Every space is precious and there is definitely no room for super big wall heater. It means, you have to look for shallow mount heater with compact size so you don’t have to worry about space. Thankfully, you don’t have to look far because you can always handle Qmark Electric Wall Heater for this purpose. Qmark is one of the best heater brands with built-in double pole thermostat that will spread the warmness you need at your house.

QMmark Electric Fan Forced Wall Heater

When it comes to wall unit heaters, this is one of the best products you can get. The most amazing thing about this product is certainly the fact that it is shallow mount. It comes with super shallow back box that can be mounted to even the shallowest wall. Even if the space on your wall is less than the standard 15.8 x 5.1 x 19.3 inches, the heater will still fit on that tiny space perfectly. Please pay attention that this heater comes with several different models and two different types, wall mount and ceiling mount. CP371F is ceiling panel, meanwhile LFK304F is Marley Qmark wall mounted heater.

No matter which type you choose, this shallow mount heater will make you happy. Due to its compact size you can easily move the heater from one place to another. It is very suitable with family with high mobility. You also will have some space left to place electric wall fan that you can use when the weather is turning hot. Moreover, the heater comes with painted front or stainless front so you can choose which one suits the style of your house the most.

Over Temperature Protector

Overheating can be dangerous for your heater. Thankfully, Qmark electric wall heaters come with 2 over temperature protector so you don’t have to worry about anything. The first protector is thermal limit that comes with light indicator while the second one is a one-time thermal fuse. This is definitely a great feature that sets this product apart from its competitor.


Looking at those key features above, it is clear that Qmark is certainly one of the best wall heater units. Its compact size ensures no hassles for the users and the over temperature protector will help maintaining the heater. Either it is wall mount or ceiling mount, this heater will do its job properly and will not make you disappointed. So, in conclusion if you want to have a good electric in wall heater, Qmark heater is the one you should choose.

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