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qmark heater parts

4 Crucial Marley and QMark Electric Heater Parts

You may have to replace Qmark electric heater parts because of a clogged filter, losing wire, contact with water, and others. Before that, you need to know the types of parts available in the market. As a result, you can find the parts right away when you need them.


A Thermostat is a part to detect the temperature. It helps to keep the temperature at the set point. Electric heaters often have two thermostats to sense the temperature in the top and bottom of the tank. Your Qmark electric heater will stop working when there is a problem with the thermostat. It is because the Qmark thermostat or Marley Thermostat can’t signal the device to do what you have set. Nowadays, Qmark and Marley offer programmable line voltage thermostats that are easy to read, along with more precise control.

Fan Motor

A fan motor is also one of the crucial Qmark wall heater parts. It works to blow heated air through vents when you turn on the heating system. Then, the system will move the hot air to the outside of the building. At the same time, the fan motor also helps to blow cool air through the ductwork or rooms. Ensure that you know the type of Qmark fan motor you are about to buy. Electric fan manufacturers often offer single-speed fan motors and variable-speed motors.

Temperature Control Knob

As the name of the product, a temperature control knob helps to control the temperature at a specific value. In the case of the baseboard heater thermostat temperature control knob, it sends a signal to activate the heater to raise the temperature back if it falls below the temperature you set. So, you need to check the temperature knob if the electric heater can’t reach the set point.

Thermostat Slotted Shaft

Qmark also supports its electric heaters with a Qmark thermostat slotted shaft. The function of this part is to support the coolant to circulate to keep the engine cool. It works in two different positions, which are open and close. When the shaft is open, coolant flows through it. This process will lower the temperature of the engine. Indeed, it prevents the electric heater faces an overheating problem.

The Qmark heater parts list above is easy to find in the market. You only have to know which one of the QMark heater parts you want to replace. Ensure that you buy the original QMark baseboard heater accessories and QMARK heating element to keep the performance of the device.

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