Qmark Horizontal Unit Heaters

QMark horizontal unit heater

QMark Horizontal Unit Heaters Review

Sometimes, you need to put a heater in the basement, workshops, or even bathroom. It means you need a flexible heater device that can be moved anywhere you want. QMark horizontal unit heaters are the device you need. Take a look at the detail below to know more about this heater unit before using it.


It is a compact and horizontal heater for about 60.0 pounds. There is also a Qmark horizontal heater with a mounting bracket. The function of the mounting bracket is to make the device easy to attach to the ceiling. Qmark develops a simple heater device with a single screw. The knob on the front of the heater is to control the temperature of the room. As a result, users can easily install, attach, and operate the heater. The manufacturer covers the device with copper-brazed steel to make it more durable. The design helps users to move and install this device anywhere and anytime around the house.


Despite the simple and compact design, the QMark electric unit heater has a lot of features that support the performance and spread heat to the entire room faster. Let say, the manufacturer designs the heaters with low amps around 24 amps or lower. Moreover, there is an adjustable controller where users can control or direct the airflow direction. For a more flexible application, Qmark heaters have a bracketing feature. This feature helps users to hang the heater on the wall or ceiling. QMark vertical or horizontal mounting heaters work a lot for those who want to use this device in small areas.

Protection System

QMark is not only wanting to offer a flexible heater device but also a heater that is safe to use. QMark vertical unit heater is one of the devices that use an automatic high limit cutout system. This system works to shut the device off automatically to prevent overheating or reactive problems. This device also uses an automatic fan delay to eliminate cold drafts on start-up. This system also discharges residual heat when you shut down the device. The automatic reset thermal shutdown system is effective enough, especially at a high temperature.

In conclusion, the QMark Heater is a solution to keep your house warm and comfortable anytime you want. It is a great device for those who often spend time in the garage, basement, or small office room. The manufacturer offers QMark Heater 3 Phase and QMark Heaters 1 Phase along with valuable features.

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