Heaters for Home

heaters for home

Qmark HT2024SS Heaters for Home

What people need inside their home to keep it warm during cold night or when winter season comes? They need heater and they need a good one that can warm up their home without any trouble at all. Many heaters product is available in the market where some was produced for house use while other was for office or other commercial place. Qmark HT2024SS is the heaters for home product that was easy to install in 2 x 4 wall sections so even beginner people can do it on their own.

Here is the specification of this product. It works on 2000 watt power and offer people up to 5,120 BTUs of heat that can warm up a room easy and fast. This heaters can be programmed thorough it LED touch screen system and to make the user feel more convenient, the product also comes with full function remote. It comes with built in thermostat that give precise temperature that people want and have energy saving features. People can use this wall mounted heater for different room in their house such as master bedroom, basement, dens and it also can be use in office.

Despite the powerful heating that this heaters for home can produce, it work in almost complete silence so it won’t disturb people convenience even if they are working in the same room with the heater. This comfort operation comes from its ability to adjust wattage power and its blower speed so it won’t give too much noise while it works. When people turn off the heating, the built in fan will operates automatically that actually can cool of the heaters and in result make the life heating element can stay up for much longer time.

There are more features that the heaters for home product can offer. It comes with its own design with the steel tubular element that design in grid pattern that has elegant and clean touch so it blend perfectly on any decor style in people house or office. This product already listed to guarantee its safety and comes with 5 years of warranty for its element and one year warranty from the manufacture. It is also adaptable to multiple installations that allow people to install it in almost every room that they desire. This is perfect solutions for people who want to have quite yet powerful heater that they can use in their home or office.

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