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qmark heater knob

How to Find QMark Knob for Your Heater

QMark is one of the well-known brands in the wall heater market. They have a series of high-quality products with top performance. However, if you used it for years, you may find some parts don’t work like before, for example, the heater knob. That means you should look for a new QMark heater knob to replace them. Below, we have the guide on how to find a gas heater knob replacement that you need.

Find the Right Size

To find the heater knob replacement for the QMark product, the first thing to see is the size of your old knob. Make sure you buy the same size with the same socket as well. You can remove the knob from your old heater, see it directly, and match it with the QMark product. However, for more accurate information, try to use the wall heater knob replacement information at QMark official or marley parts distributors.

Choose the Correct Design

Each of the knobs for the wall heater has the design following the feature of that heater. Therefore, you also should choose the Baseboard Heater knob that matches yours. If your heater uses several numbers menu, you should choose the baseboard heater dial with several numbers printed on it. The correct design allows you to know which setting you use on your heater. Therefore, you can avoid the problem later.

Material with Better Durability

Plastic and PVC are two common materials you can find on QMark heater knobs. However, there are several types of those materials that you can buy. For a better lifespan, try finding the best quality plastic. You can find more about it in Marley catalog parts, the distributor of QMark spare parts. It is on its official website. Try to look for other Marley Heaters replacement parts you might need for future usage.

Easy to Install and Remove

Find one that you can easily remove or install. It is necessary if you have a problem with your heater, such as the electric wall heater won’t turn off. Other than the electric wall heater not working problem you also need it when you clean your heater. You need to remember, if you want to remove it, please use the guide from QMark heater Troubleshooting. Now, you are ready to find the heater knob for your heater. Make sure you get the best QMark Heater Parts, so your heater will be able to perform optimally.

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